Find the Complete Decking Supplies for Landscaping Projects in Melbourne

An outdoor deck can add an attractive focal point to your backyard while also providing a practical space to relish warmer weather or cool evenings outside. Whether you choose a professional installation by a licensed contractor or want to learn how to install decking yourself as a DIY project, understanding what goes into building a deck can help. Even if you desire a grand multi-level deck or a simple wood patio, the setup process includes deciding on a design, selecting materials, and understanding the various parts of a deck.

A Class Timber & Hardware Suppliers is a reliable supplier of Merbau decking supplies in Melbourne. Our team helps you install safe, future-proof decks and provide complete decking supplies, regardless of your industry or application requirements. We use cutting-edge design software and engineering expertise to make deck installation simple. As industry experts, we consider all aspects of design, including aesthetics, usability, lifecycle, cost, and efficiency, to ensure you get the best fit for your needs.

Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) Decking Vs. Timber Decking

Both Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) decking and timber decking have their features and uses as mentioned below:

Wood Plastic Composite Decking

We are a renowned WPC decking supplier in the market for years. This type of decking is typically composed by combining plastic and wood properties. It is often marketed as a maintenance-free material in comparison to wood in general because it has no indications of defects such as splitting, cracking, colour fading, or rotting. These decks are frequently classified as environmentally friendly materials by overemphasising their recycled material components.

The wood-plastic composite provides a more long-term solution since they are environmentally friendly and simple to install. This is regarded as sustainable materialas it can be made from recycled plastics and wood industry waste. The WPC decks are made in a variety of colours, but greys and earth tones are the most common. One of the key features is that they are UV resistant and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Timber Decking

Timber decking is often the most cost-effective option and has a more natural appearance. Unlike fake paints and artwork, this material does not need to be decorated or enhanced because it is naturally beautiful, vibrant, and appealing. In addition, it is durable and has good strength which makes them extremely tough and long-lasting. The best thing about the wooden deck is that it does not require much maintenance. You simply need to polish the frame once or twice a year to keep the timber looking fresh and vibrant. It can be made from a variety of woods and you can also select from various finishes to get a distinct look.

What Makes Merbau Decking So Unique?

Merbau is a beautiful hardwood timber species that comes from the Kwila tree and is found in a few locations around the world. It is primarily used for flooring, decking, marine construction, outdoor furniture, musical instruments, and other applications. Merbau is well-known for its distinct beauty, unrivalled resilience, and usability. Many people love it because of the resistance to termites and weathering that some Merbau timber varieties possess.

At A Class Timber & Hardware Suppliers, we recommend Merbau for a wide range of reasons. It is known for its appealing orange-golden-brown colour and contrasting sapwood in a soft yellow to ivory white. Moreover, it provides a beautiful colour to the entire deck, especially at sunrise and sunset. This is a dynamic timber that can withstand the elements better and is also more fire-resistant than other types of wood.

Why ChooseA Class Timber & Hardware Suppliers for Decking Installation?

At A Class Timber & Hardware Suppliers, we are proud of our values and dedication to getting the right products for our customers. Our team listens to every piece of customer feedback and strives to provide excellent service.

  • Team of experts: Our experienced team is well-versed in offering compositeplastic decking, eco decking, hardwood decking, and composite timber decking.
  • Wide range of products: We offer various materials and sizes of decking that can suit your projects.
  • Excellent customer service: We empower our knowledgeable staff to offer the best services for customers and allow them to implement long-lastingand cost-effective solutions.

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