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Best Wholesale Colorbond Fencing Supplies in Melbourne

Durable fences are the hallmark of a well-kept property. Every owner wants reliable fences that can withstand the elements and keep intruders out. Different properties have varying requirements when it comes to fencing supplies. Understanding these specific needs comes with experience. A-Class Timber & Hardware Suppliers is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Colorbond fencing supplies in Melbourne. You can always approach us for the right fencing supplies – residential and commercial.

We have an expert team of steel fence fabricators with several years of operational experience under their belt. They can produce customised steel fencing supplies to meet your exact specifications. As part of our services, we take care of everything right from the selection of the steel fencing material to the posts and gates. Furthermore, access to the latest equipment means that our fabricators can churn out customised solutions rapidly.

In addition, metal fencing supplies are available in a plethora of colours to suit your fancy. Colorbond fencing materials are ideal for both domestic as well as commercial uses. Moreover, these are built to last a couple of years. Consider us specialists who deal in colorbond fences and provide assistance for its complete installation at very affordable prices. If you are looking for wholesale Colorbond fencing supplies, you have reached the right place.

Colorbond Steel Fences at A-Class Timber & Hardware Suppliers

A-Class Timber & Hardware Suppliers is a one-stop destination for genuine Colorbond steel fencing and gate supplies. We are Colorbond manufacturers producing fences and gates to fit every client’s needs. Furthermore, we are also Colorbond fence suppliers, and have products that are the perfect fit for a homeowner, a tradie or even a business owner. In addition to the fences, we also offer the complete set of materials required for installation.

Some of the colorbond products we supply are:

  • Colorbond Fence
  • Colorbond Gate Frame
  • Colorbond Post
  • Colorbond Rails
  • Colorbond Post Extension
  • Lattice Extension
  • Spray Paint
  • Stainless Steel Plinth
  • Samfort colorbond fencing
  • Samfort colorbond sheets
  • Trimfort colorbond fencing
  • Trimfort colorbond sheets

Our ability to provide exceptional products and services stems from the fact that we are a Colorbond manufacturer with an in-house team of experts. It is they who work with our clients and come up with the best as well as economical solutions for their needs. Apart from manufacturing and supplying colorbond supplies, we also assist with their proper installation.

Advantages of Installing Colorbond Fencing

Colorbond fencing is one of the most suitable options when it comes to fencing in Australia. This is because it is specifically designed to withstand extreme Australian weather and climate conditions. As Colorbond fencing wholesale dealers, we can attest to the fact that most people in Melbourne prefer them over any other design or material. Furthermore, it is available in a variety of designs, colours and patterns. One should also note that Colorbond is a steel product, pre-painted per the highest quality and industry standards. It comprises panels, fixing ports, and other finishing items. Given below are some of the functionalities offered by colorbond fencing:

  • Durability

    These fences are made to endure extreme weather conditions in Australia. Therefore, they are made up of galvanised steel and are then covered with sturdy and long-lasting paints. The material is both rust as well as water-proof.

  • Warranty

    Most colorbond fence manufacturers offer at least ten years of warranty on rails, infill sheets, and posts. Accordingly, we also offer fence repair service should it get damaged.

  • Style

    Style and versatility are what make colorbond a popular choice. Most colorbond fences come in a variety of colours, designs, and shapes. Apart from just providing security, they also offer an unbeatable aesthetic appeal. Another advantage is that there is no set front or rear.

  • Privacy and Security

    In addition to aesthetics, colorbond fences also provide a strong sense of privacy and security. These fences keep strangers or predators away and act as barriers to safeguard your property and family.

  • Environmental Friendly

    In addition to the fact that these fences were made to withstand the harsh Australian weather, they are also recyclable. Furthermore, even its installation produces only a few scraps. Lastly, since a colorbond steel fence is termite-proof, one will not need any chemicals for treatment.

Why Trust Us for Genuine Colorbond Fences in Melbourne?

A-Class Timber & Hardware Suppliers manufactures genuine Colorbond steel fences that are unique in the market. We are Colorbond fencing manufacturers as well as steel plinth suppliers. The fences we produce are strengthened by our custom-designed plinths along with posts and rail profiles. Plinths are products meant to act as retainers between different land heights and fill gaps under the fence. Our Colorbond steel plinths are made of aluminium to prevent the spread and intrusion of weed and dirt. Additionally, they make it easier to attain a straight and even edge on the top of the fence.

We stock all kinds of Colorbond fences and their accessories including the traditional zig-zag style steel plinths for those who prefer it. For the best Colorbond fencing supplies in Melbourne, call us on 0450 612 719 or 03 8375 1800. You may also reach us at for additional information